Are there coworking spaces in Europe?

Coworking, a true innovation in the workplace, is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. This is largely because it is perfectly designed for modern technology and is easily adaptable. Remember, the coworking concept emphasizes collaboration, communication and sharing.

Coworking spaces in Europe

The more time passes, the more the craze grows. Given the size of the potential user base, there is an abundance of coworking spaces in major European cities. Certainly, the demand for these facilities is growing, as more and more people realize the benefits of working differently.

Luxembourg has established itself as a leader in Europe for the development of coworking spaces.

Its prospects

The number of people interested in coworking is increasing. An organization has been created in Luxembourg to host annual meetings that bring together the people involved, such as coworkers and space managers.

Looking at Europe as a whole, coworking has developed in parallel with the expansion of Eastern European economies. It turns out that operators are interested in countries like Romania, Albania, Lithuania and others.

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