Coworking and corporate culture: how values and norms are reflected in shared workspaces

In the coworking world, corporate culture plays a key role in how shared workspaces are designed and operated. Similarly, the values and norms of coworking spaces can influence the culture of the companies that use them. In this article, we’ll explore the interaction between corporate culture and coworking spaces, as well as the importance of finding a shared environment that matches your corporate culture.

 The impact of corporate culture on coworking spaces :

1. Design and atmosphere

Corporate culture often influences the design and atmosphere of coworking spaces. For example, a company focused on creativity and innovation may look for a bright, colourful and open coworking space, while a company focused on concentration and productivity may prefer a quieter, more structured space.

2. Collaboration vs concentration

A company’s values of collaboration and cooperation can be reflected in the layout of coworking spaces, with open areas and communal spaces encouraging interaction between members. On the other hand, companies that favour concentration and individual reflection may look for coworking spaces that offer quiet, secluded work areas.

3. Community and networking

Companies that value networking and knowledge exchange may be attracted to coworking spaces that focus on building a dynamic community. These spaces often offer networking events, mentoring programmes and opportunities for collaboration between members.

The influence of coworking spaces on corporate culture :

1. Social interaction

Coworking spaces can encourage social interaction between members, which can foster a sense of community and strengthen bonds between colleagues. This social atmosphere can help to create a corporate culture that is more open, inclusive and focused on employee well-being.

2. Diversity and inclusion

Coworking spaces often welcome a diversity of members from different business sectors, which can foster a more diverse and inclusive corporate culture. By exposing employees to a variety of perspectives and experiences, coworking spaces can encourage a more open-minded and tolerant corporate culture.

3. Flexibility and innovation

Coworking environments often encourage flexibility, adaptability and innovation, which can influence the corporate culture of the companies that use them. By encouraging members to step out of their comfort zone and experiment with new ideas, coworking spaces can help create a more dynamic, innovation-focused corporate culture.

Find a coworking space that matches your corporate culture:

1. Assess your values

Think about your company’s core values and the culture you want to foster. Identify the aspects of your corporate culture that you would like to see reflected in your coworking space.

2. Take a tour

Before choosing a coworking space, do some site visits to assess the atmosphere, design and community. Make sure the space matches your needs and your company culture.

3. Talk to members

Talk to current members of the coworking space to get their perspective on the culture and atmosphere of the place. This will help you determine whether the space is compatible with your corporate culture.

In conclusion, corporate culture and coworking spaces are closely linked, each influencing and shaping the other. Finding a coworking space that matches your corporate values and culture is essential to fostering a harmonious and productive working environment. By following these tips, you can find a coworking space that supports and reinforces your company’s culture.

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