Does coworking space in Luxembourg succeed?

Friendly. Inspiring. Productive, collaborative, and fun. If none of these terms accurately describe your job, you might want to think about moving into a coworking space instead. It’s impossible to dismiss the advantages of coworking if you’re not an entrepreneur.

Coworking spaces have boosted the creativity and productivity of 71% of respondents to a recent poll, while 62% stated their quality of work has increased significantly. Coworking is on the rise, as seen by these numbers.

Why coworking spaces in Luxembourg are such a success, we will explore in this post.

Belief in the benefits of working from home

In addition, research has shown that the excitement and devotion to coworking platforms are more than real. With only 30 percent preferring to work during traditional business hours, more than half of peers polled regularly access their workstation at any time of the day or night.

The appeal of coworking to businesses of all stripes

Investing in a traditional and expensive infrastructure can put organizations at risk of failing to test new markets. A new survey verifies the fact that a third of workers today are flexible and mobile, with the expansion of the freelancing economy having the greatest impact on this lifestyle.

For employees, coworking space is a good option

To prove that coworking is more effective than traditional office environments, coworkers are changing the way they work. The fact that most coworking spaces are true communities in and of themselves, capable of supplying the support and incentive necessary for creativity and initiative, may account for the high percentage of employees reporting an increase in self-confidence. 

Of those polled, 68 percent of those polled said they were able to focus better and that they were able to finish their jobs on time more frequently.

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