Everything you need to know about business centers

If you’re looking to rent a business center, you’ll find a variety of office space of different sizes and types. Various companies can use individual rooms that are fully furnished by the operator. In the 1980s, the concept of a business center was first introduced to Germany by the United States of America.

Is it possible to categorize a business center?

In short, business centers are clusters of office space. A typical business center consists of a single stand-alone building with a variety of workrooms of different sizes and for different purposes. Three criteria are used to meet the various needs of businesses:

  • Size
  • Facility
  • Furnishings

It has a central location, small rooms for rent, executive offices up to 50 square meters, and a wide range of services available. There are ideal locations for meetings, trade shows and conventions in major cities, near exhibition centers and airports. Projects can be completed more quickly and timelines can be better managed if design, functionality and technology are all combined.

Who needs a business center?

For small teams, the advantages of a business center outweigh the disadvantages. Such a workspace arrangement is advantageous for the following teams:

  • SMEs (companies with fewer than 10 employees)
  • freelancers
  • startups
  • companies that engage in short-term activities such as seminars and conferences
  • Small law firms and tax consultants can concentrate their efforts on their core competencies, as administrative tasks are handled efficiently by professional management and secretariats.

When choosing a business center, what should I keep in mind?

In order to make the most of the business center’s potential, you must first consider your own needs:


When choosing office space, there are different categories with corresponding size, equipment and various general conditions:

  • Seminar rooms
  • meetings are held in these spaces
  • Conference rooms
  • rooms dedicated to a workshop
  • a meeting place
  • Skype rooms are now available
  • telecommunications facilities
  • conference rooms


Depending on the needs of the office, various technical options are available. The basic equipment includes a printer, copier, fax machine and telephone. In addition, equipment includes WLAN and projectors.

Videoconferencing reduces travel costs, increases the time available for each participant, and makes it easier to communicate complex issues over a long distance.

Is there enough room for a desk and chair, or are additional shelving and lockable mobile storage containers needed? During working hours, small treats such as water, coffee or tea packages can be negotiated.


A company’s infrastructure is defined by its operating hours and a well-structured workflow. It is possible to reduce the workload by using a mail and writing service. For direct contact with customers, the business center has its own parking spaces and is well served by public transportation.

At the same time, the supportive work environment fosters mutual respect and trust among colleagues, which allows projects to move forward more quickly. It is possible to book specific opening hours, daily use or 24-hour service.

When choosing a business center, what should I keep in mind?

In order to make the most of the business center’s potential, you must first consider your own needs:

Today’s offer

Depending on your needs, business centers offer various specials. You can also choose to store your own products in addition to your business address if you need a little more space.

In addition to mailboxes and landlines, many business centers also offer these extra services. To find additional amenities in real estate complexes, you’ll need to do a thorough search.


  • Secretarial duties (mail, billing, presentations)
  • child care
  • Health club
  • food service
  • access to covered parking
  • a shared kitchen or bathroom

In addition, a number of unique services are available to help cope with the daily rigors of work. The business center may also provide services such as accounting, mail distribution and a switchboard.

Because the overhead costs of business centers are so low, they are much more affordable than traditional commercial properties. In all cases, it is important to read the lease agreement very carefully before signing. Details regarding short-term termination options and the minimum lease term are essential.

It should also be noted that the method of payment plays an important role in determining the discount. Is it possible to agree to an automatic extension or eviction upon termination? This needs to be clarified.

Contractors, consultants and others may also want to consider the following questions in light of their assertion:

  • Consider the security of your own software and hardware?
  • Are locked items covered by insurance?
  • Is barrier-free access required?
  • Is there a dress code in place in the complex where I work?
  • Can I bring my pet into the facility?
  • Is it possible to divide a work space over time?
  • Is there a dormitory that I can use?
  • Are there computers in the complex?
  • Can the front of the building be used for advertising purposes?
  • Is it possible to modify the premises?
  • Is security software (such as antivirus and firewall) available?
  • Do you know what is included in the monthly payment?
  • A link between HR and the company is an option, right?

Benefits of a business center

Renting a business center has a number of benefits, including convenience, lower costs and a prime location for both start-ups and established businesses. In addition, the company benefits from the following:

  • Fixed costs that are shared by all parties
  • Leases that can be modified (for short-term needs)
  • Low cost housing (companies with up to 10 employees, self-employed)
  • financial assistance
  • Company infrastructure is outsourced.
  • Equip yourself with the latest technology.
  • Motivation comes from the company culture.
  • Clear separation of personal and professional space for founders.
  • Virtual office with telephone service and representation address.
  • Catering and meals are included in the price.
  • Minute-by-minute provision of service personnel
  • Location/address of representative
  • Savings of up to 50% compared to traditional office rental.

In addition, as the business grows, it is simple to open small offices in various major cities across the country. In fact, this could be extended to international collaborations.

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