Renting a shared office, a new way of working

With the rise of remote work and workplace flexibility, new workspace alternatives are emerging. Shared Office space is becoming more and more popular as it allows companies to reduce costs while increasing efficiency.

Find out why renting a workspace at Color Business Center in 2022 is the ideal choice for your business today.

How does coworking differ from using a shared office?

When it comes to the distinction between coworking and shared offices, it can be difficult to discern. Despite their similarities, these two spaces are very different and have their own unique characteristics. Coworking is the ideal solution if you want to work in a group but have the freedom to do as you please.

Collaboration and adaptability are the best adjectives to describe coworking. In fact, coworking is defined as the meeting of people from different backgrounds, activities and companies in a neutral workspace.

The emphasis on teamwork and networking in coworking spaces sets them apart from other workspaces. It’s about bringing people together and fostering a sense of belonging to an ever-changing community. Coworking spaces provide a professional and comfortable work environment for employees to increase efficiency and foster conviviality.

Between the dynamism of coworking and a traditional office, there is the shared workspace The shared office, a hybrid between the traditional office and coworking, is appealing to a growing number of companies. It is an office space shared with other companies.

With the flexibility, convenience and cost advantages of a coworking space, you can also enjoy the benefits of a shared office. The main difference is that your office has a fixed, personal touch.

Why rent a shared office?

Costs are shared when you work in a shared space. Renting an office is a cost that should be carefully considered, regardless of the stage of development of your business.

Choosing a shared office gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other businesses and organizations in the same location. You can share the cost of renting an office and pool some of your other expenses.

Overcoming the Loneliness of Remote Work

Working from home can be both a dream and a nightmare for different people. As appealing as it may sound on paper (no commute, no set schedule), working from home can quickly turn into a lonely business.

Moving your business or employees into a shared office can give your business a fresh start. Work and play can now be separated with a dedicated workspace. Plus, working in a colleague’s space keeps you socially engaged.

A professional setting for entertaining clients and colleagues

Early-stage businesses find the shared office model particularly appealing. Renting a shared office gives you the opportunity to conduct business in a quiet, soundproof environment.

It’s true that renting a shared office gives you a dedicated workspace where you can focus on growing your business. This is especially true if coworking allows for all of these things and you’re planning to expand your workforce in the future!

Increase efficiency

One of the best ways to stay motivated and productive is to work in a bustling community office, where you are always surrounded by other people and businesses.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet people who are working hard to achieve their professional and business goals.

Color Business Center coworking spaces come with perks like common areas, high-speed internet, and even conference rooms and event space, which you can use when you rent a workspace.

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