What are the advantages of renting an office for a startup?

When starting a new business, what are the first steps to take? Not interested in buying a property? Leasing an office for a start-up is an option for you.

Renting furnished office space and/or conference rooms is more flexible than buying real estate and is becoming increasingly popular with businesses.

Indeed, it offers many advantages, including flexibility of operation, tax benefits, state-of-the-art equipment, and even a reputation… Want to know more about renting an office? Everything is explained in detail in this article.

The adaptability of office rental as a business model for startups

Are you looking for an alternative to buying commercial real estate? Have you considered renting a fully furnished office? Entrepreneurs can benefit from this option because it offers greater flexibility than buying real estate.

Get a lease for an office specifically tailored to your needs

It’s important for an entrepreneur to think about the location of his or her company’s headquarters and the conditions of his or her business before even signing up. Buying commercial real estate is a common practice. However, this is not a requirement! It is also possible to find office space for rent. This approach has many advantages.

When leasing office space, you can choose a location that fits your business needs in terms of location, size, layout and other factors that make it easier to use.

In the event that your current work environment is no longer ideal, how would you proceed? The solution is as simple as changing it! The procedure for changing a company’s address is quite simple. You can, in fact, request a new office location. If your company is experiencing financial difficulties, an increase or decrease in the number of employees, or if it wishes to relocate, this is a great advantage.

A service contract, for example, can be used in lieu of a lease. It is also possible to obtain a one-time office rental. Hourly or half-day office rentals are common today.

The financial and fiscal flexibility of any office rental is well known

In order to get their business off the ground, many business owners opt for office rental. This strategy has a number of financial and economic advantages, including the following:

  • Not having money with a bank. You are responsible for paying a monthly rental fee. No need to borrow money! A halt in activity, a drop in sales or even extraordinary conditions can make repayment impossible, as demonstrated by the Covid-19 health problem.
  • A favorable tax system. The rent paid by the company is deducted from the company’s taxable income if you rent equipped offices.
  • Fluctuating costs. Depending on the parameters of your search, the amount of rent varies: there is something for everyone!

Designing the office environment of the new company

Do you want to create a workspace that reflects your image and your company’s needs? Renting a fully equipped office may be the best option in this situation.

First, think about the layout of your space. Do you prefer a private office, an open space or a shared workspace? Your decision will impact the location of your future office.

Do you want to make your office and workspace more personalized? It’s always best to work in an environment that makes you happy. Sanitized environments can actually have a negative impact on your employees’ health and productivity.

Don’t worry, your office will be created in the image of your personality! Before you arrive, your workspaces will be adapted to your specific preferences in terms of furniture and layout. High-performance equipment, such as computers, office supplies, comfortable chairs, an Internet connection and a telephone line, as well as the accessories that are essential to your business, are included.

Then, all you have to do is place your documents in a corner of your workspace!

Renting an office for a startup is no longer a mystery to you now that you know about it. Renting a physical office space in a business center can be a great option. However, new ways of working are emerging in the digital age. Are you interested in coworking? All the information you need about our offices is available on our website!

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