What are the downsides of renting coworking office space?

Employees from several firms can share a workspace and collaborate on projects as part of a growing trend known as “coworking”. Choosing a coworking space for your teams has many advantages, including lower expenses, greater networking possibilities, and a more adaptable workspace for your staff.

Coworking, on the other hand, has its downsides, including noisy offices and a lack of privacy. Take into account these five downsides of coworking while selecting an office location for your company.

Privacy is lacking

This is the deciding factor. A completely walled-in coworking space may cost more than you’re willing to spend, possibly even more than a private office elsewhere, despite the wide range of possibilities available.

Open-plan offices might be more noisy and distracting due to the increased communality of the workstation layouts. Avoid coworking spaces in loft styles that lack soundproofing or acoustic furniture.

Drinking coffee may eventually drive you insane because of the sound. A place with phone booths or nooks is ideal if you frequently need to make business calls during the workday.

There’s competition right beneath your nose

The more places you check out, the more likely you are to stumble into folks who are in the business of doing the same thing you do. It’s possible that if your aims are aligned, this could actually be a benefit to you. However, if you aren’t interested in working together, there may be some uncomfortable situations.

Conflicts of personality exist

As with any number of individuals sharing a space, there is always going to be some tension. Perhaps it’s a personality clash, or perhaps there’s a real problem with the amount of room. Without a Human resources department, disputes must be resolved between the parties involved.


Coworking spaces aren’t ideal if you’re starting a business and need flexible hours, or if you’re an independent contractor who prefers to set your own schedule.

While working from home can make you feel like you’re constantly on call, this may not be the greatest option for businesses that need to be able to adjust their hours to suit their customers’ needs.

Capacity for rapid growth

It may be less expensive than leasing commercial space, but if your company grows and needs more and more space, it might quickly become prohibitively expensive.
When renting a coworking space, it’s possible to pay more per square foot than if you were to find a working commercial location of your own to rent.

The Better Working Solution

A serviced office space could be the ideal choice for your company if you’re seeking for an alternative to coworking. The Color Business Center serviced office gives your business with a private office space where you can focus on your job and avoid distractions.

Having everything you need for daily operations, such as customer service and technical assistance, is included in the package. There are also coworking spaces accessible in the building, so you can choose between working collaboratively and networking with others or using your private office for more in-depth tasks. You’ll be able to relax and recharge in your own personal place.

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