What are the most interesting facts about coworking spaces?

According to a Coworking survey, the number of coworking spaces has increased dramatically in recent years. We’ve compiled a list of eight interesting facts about coworking spaces and current business trends for your enjoyment.

1. Coworking = There’s a lot of social interaction

Because we are social beings, our health and well-being can only improve through contact with others. While it may be tempting to work from the comfort of your own home, productivity is at its best in a coworking space, where you can generate new ideas and expand your network, both of which are essential to the growth of any business.

2. Ease of registration

Everything is done for you, you don’t have to worry about finding a space, renting it, buying furniture, hiring employees and maintaining operations. The monthly rent covers everything from insurance to cleaning to pantry supplies to electricity.

3. Distraction is kept to a minimum

As a business owner, how many times have you had a critical client’s call interrupted by your neighbor’s dog barking? Or have you worried that your wife won’t get home in time for you to do the laundry? Coworking is a great answer to the insurmountable problem of distraction at home.

4. What’s the problem?

Let’s face it: not every coffee shop owner smiles and greets you every day, even if they make money off of you, even if you sit for hours. This may seem like a cost-saving measure, but in the long run it leaves you with a bigger hole in your pocket. Therefore, abandon this ploy.

5. Occupancy rates in Luxembourg

Many office space providers offer plans that include everything from private cubicles to open workstations, high-speed internet, access to printers and scanners, backup power, email services, and more. Flexible workplaces and low-cost day permits are just two of the many alternatives available.

6. Coworking = Freelancer’s Paradise 

The industry is constantly changing. The way we do things has changed. To paraphrase a millennial, it’s more important for him to “create a job than take one.”

7. Coworking = Jack-of-all-trades

One place for everything from lawyers to photographers to Android programmers to fashion designers. That means you can pass on the package deal even if your team can’t sign it due to current workload. Be a good samaritan! After all, sharing is caring.

8. Mentoring events

Not a dull moment in sight. It’s not uncommon for office spaces to have unique programs in place for investors to learn about your business ideas and help you bring them to life. On-site financing is available for projects that stand out.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start coworking...

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