What Coworking Spaces Need in Terms of Technology ?

For many people, the concept of coworking has become commonplace. Since coworking membership is expected to reach millions by 2022, it’s impossible to ignore all the buzz around coworking spaces and business technology tools.

A few years ago, the idea of coworking was nothing more than a passing fad among the millennial generation. Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) were interested, but so were remote workers.

Working in a coworking space means having the flexibility to work when and how you want, without being tied to a fixed schedule or location.

For coworkers, the following are a set of indispensable technological resources and necessities:

1. Advanced building access

It’s never been easier to access coworkers, thanks to coworking spaces that make it quick and easy to do things. Access control is a fundamental feature of coworking spaces, as it serves as a barrier to entry.

It is now possible to enter a building without a key using a smart card, magnetic stripe card, proximity card, key fob or smartphone. Members and clients can enter their coworking space without carrying a key. Due to the large number of people accessing a coworking space, an advanced building access system is essential.

2. Uninterrupted electricity service

Electricity is an essential part of modern life. If computers and other electronic equipment are not working, your business is crippled. The most important requirement for a coworking space is to ensure that there is always electricity.

Members of a coworking space require 24-hour power to keep operations running. Check to see if your space has a robust power generation system in case of a power outage or other issue.

3. A lightning fast Internet connection

Those of you who have ever had a slow Internet connection know the problem well. Having an unreliable Internet connection, especially when you are charged for it, can be quite annoying and irritating.

A fast and reliable Internet connection is a common denominator in every coworking space in the world. All of these parameters – speed, bandwidth, frequency and security – should always be at their maximum. As soon as the lights go out, the whole productive coworking system turns into an unfriendly and depressing environment.

4.  Conference Room Reservations

No matter how much you reject them, meetings will still happen. You must reserve a conference room in advance at coworking spaces, unlike traditional workplaces where you can walk into a meeting at any time.

You should have at least three or four conference rooms of different sizes to minimize inconvenience or double booking.

5. Networked printers

Printers in coworking spaces are more crucial than coffee because every coworker will need them for business purposes. For the most part, new printers don’t require much setup time and can be quickly connected to your intranet, allowing users to start printing immediately.

If you run a coworking space, you can set print limits, monitor print statistics and even determine cost per page.

6. Cables for an Apple TV and HDMI source

Streaming digital data such as music or video to a TV or other video display is possible with the Apple TV, a compact networking and entertainment device. For meetings, you can easily access critical information or content with the Apple TV and HDMI connections available in coworking spaces.

7. The digital payment system

Finally, any coworking space must have technology-assisted payment processes. In today’s society, cash is no longer necessary. Therefore, digital payment systems are ideal for coworking spaces, which can handle reservations, billing and payments without any hassle. The transaction is done at a glance. It’s time to go paperless and switch to a digital payment method.

Let us know what tools you and your colleagues use to be more efficient and on top of your coworking space. If you think we’ve overlooked any essential tech elements for collaborative workspaces, please let us know.

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