Why choose a coworking space?

In addition to providing fully furnished offices, coworking spaces also offer a setting that fosters teamwork and collaboration through its open and friendly culture.

Coworking spaces are perfect for entrepreneurs, remote employees and those who prefer to work in a more social setting.

Mobile or permanent workstations in shared spaces are readily available, as are closed offices (which are quite popular) and meeting or conference rooms.

In these spaces, adaptability is crucial. A coworking space will always have desks available, whether you need them for an hour or a few months.

Some spaces offer free amenities, while others charge a fee. Coffee, tea, a conference room, and high-speed internet access are standard amenities in any quality coworking space.

Domiciliary services, coaching, mail handling, and coordination of conferences and other events are other common additional services.

It’s important to keep in mind that it’s increasingly common for coworking spaces to have their own coffee shop and/or restaurant, perfect for mingling with other coworkers and reinforcing the “community” atmosphere of these exchanges.

Coworking spaces were designed for people who value productivity and the ability to network with like-minded professionals while enjoying a comfortable work environment.

Coworking in a nutshell…

Coworking is an English term for co-working. The idea was born out of a desire for communication between growing networks of independent contractors who share a desire to collaborate on projects for different clients while maintaining a warm and welcoming, intellectually stimulating atmosphere free of hierarchies and rivalries.

Thousands of new sites have been created over the past 15 years to meet this demand. Like-minded communities are coming together in unprecedented ways in cities large and small.

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