6 trends for coworking spaces in 2022

Despite the fact that coworking spaces have been established for over a decade, research indicates that they will continue to grow exponentially. Some new ideas for improving coworking are discussed in this article on coworking trends for the year 2022.

Technology of the coworking spaces

According to current trends, technology is becoming a more important consideration for coworkers in 2022. To assist coworkers who drop by at any given time, many spaces employ day and night supervisors. It is no longer necessary to employ a single manager to run the coworking space, as technology has taken control. It’s now so easy to see how much money you’ve made at the end of the week or even at the end of the month with access cards, reservation systems, attendance systems, automatic invoices, employee time tracking, etc. All the complications and inconvenience caused by people have been eliminated.

Multiple locations for the coworking spaces

Coworking trends show that consumers prefer a location with multiple locations in a city, as they can work from any of them. Coworking spaces located in many cities are popular with business travelers and locals alike. Expand and vary your offerings if you manage a coworking space. Coworking passport programs allow cardholders to use a specific number of hours at any participating coworking space. If you don’t have one, you should get one without delay.

The layout and design of the space

The interior of coworking spaces is the most well-known feature. Because the design and execution are so flawless, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the place immediately. A new coworking space opens every day somewhere on our planet, and the design of these spaces keeps getting better.

Additional research shows that the majority of coworkers have access to recreational activities in the workplace of shared office spaces. Gone are the days of a gym with foosball, ping-pong and a chess board. The design of coworking spaces has improved. 

A sense of belonging to the natural world

Greenery is increasingly present in coworking spaces. Plants, flowers, and well-maintained green walls make for a more welcoming work environment for colleagues. According to current trends in coworking space design, man-made waterfalls, beach-like stone structures and other natural aspects are now included in workspace design.

Class, culture and neighborhood

According to contemporary developments in coworking culture, it is not enough to have a workspace in a coworking space. Everything becomes part of the coworking concept, from weekly meals to events to yoga and meditation sessions. It’s not mandatory to attend these extracurricular events, and many of them take place on weekends. However, they are a welcome addition to your coworking space’s already long list of amenities.

The evolution of corporate culture

Once reserved for freelancers, solopreneurs and small businesses, coworking spaces are now being used by large corporations. Coworking spaces are gaining credibility because of this evolution, which is a good thing. 

Making your coworking space business friendly is a trend for 2022 coworking spaces to follow. You need to be able to personalize it and differentiate between open spaces, small private offices, and lounge areas.

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