Coworking : the best places to work in Luxembourg

The heat wave and the lockdown showed us that working from home can be a poisoned gift. Repurposed workplaces, work cafes and unconventional workplaces, including a gym. A list of the best coworking spaces in Luxembourg has been compiled for your convenience.

1. Coworking space : The Color Business Center in Bertrange

Color Business Center offers coworking spaces in Bertrange and Strassen in three buildings for a day, a week, a month or a year. Offices can be rented on a monthly or yearly basis in this business complex, which offers a wide range of amenities. The Color Business Center offers a wide variety of services at reasonable prices.

2. The National Library of Luxembourg – BNL

In the Kirchberg district, working at the library is a pleasant experience. It is open to all Luxembourgers and people from the surrounding area.

For a few hours, a group of people can meet in a room and work together on a project. It is important to note that these gatherings are not for profit.

3. Luxembourg City Incubator – LCI

A coworking space is available at the Luxembourg Startup House (Lhost) for one day. The allocation of an office space is only done after a selection committee has decided on the application.

4. Coworking space : Silversquare

Located near the Luxembourg train station, this coworking space is ready to welcome you for the duration of your stay. Silversquare also offers offices where your company can be domiciled. Silversquare is also present in Brussels and its surroundings.

Close to the train station, this coworking space is ideal for freelancers and small businesses.

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