Can we host colleagues or clients in coworking?

Can we invite colleagues or clients to a coworking space if we rent a shared office instead of a private one? This question is frequently asked by our clients who rent a shared office.

Making the decision to use coworking as a platform to launch a business and meet potential clients

Entrepreneurs and freelancers can thrive in a shared office environment, as it offers a turnkey, cost-effective solution to all of their office space, technology and social requirements. When the company headquarters is too far away or working from home is not an option, it can be difficult to complete all of the tasks needed to advance one’s career. Access to quiet, secluded areas is essential for conducting video conferences, holding team meetings or entertaining clients. A service that many shared office spaces offer their tenants. Hosting guests such as service providers or potential clients in a meeting room is a formality in a coworking space.

Expand your business using a shared office space

Flexible and fully optimized, a coworking space is the ideal environment to conduct business. Entrepreneurs and freelancers just starting out have a great option in shared office space, where they can find a professionally designed space with amenities like break rooms and office technology. This is a viable option that offers a more private and professional environment than a coffee shop or other public place to entertain guests or conduct business. The goal of a shared office is to provide a setting where businesses can operate in a professional manner, with the added convenience of separate conference rooms. This is a great option, especially if it makes it easier to travel and plan for the unexpected.

Meet with colleagues or clients in a shared office space

For the most part, meeting with clients or business partners in a coworking space is no different than doing so in a more conventional office. In fact, if you need a place to hold a meeting, workshop or video conference, many coworking spaces also offer meeting room rentals (or a meeting room credit in your membership) with all the technology you need. These rooms are available to rent on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. They allow companies to hold private meetings, for example, when presenting a short list of tenders. There is no need to buy expensive equipment. They are managed by the shared office space provider and available for rent.

Finally, if you have a closed workplace, anyone can enter it at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. So don’t hesitate to contact us.

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