Cheap office rental: what are the different fees?

Due to the need for versatility, but more importantly, the need to minimize overhead costs, the vast majority of businesses now rent the space in which they operate. There is a new type of office rental that has evolved despite the great popularity of the traditional type. Cheap office rental in business centers or coworking spaces is the magic solution that attracts freelancers and small businesses. Here’s a look at the different costs to expect for cheap office rental.

Cheap office rental prices

When a business or employee rents a cheap office space, the lease specifies the total cost of the rental, including all fees and charges. The main cost of renting office space is the rent. The price is often stated in euros per square meter per year, net of all taxes and fees. This is usually the first element to consider when looking for potential office space. It is determined by the location where the work is done.

Business operating expenses

Similar to apartment rent, cheap office rental costs include utilities such as water, electricity, cleaning, internet and maintenance. A number of variables, such as office location and square footage, go into determining these costs.

Construction costs and parking

Access to a fully furnished office is a major benefit of cheap office rental, as it allows you to get to work immediately without having to worry about acquiring the necessary equipment. Office furniture and supplies are included in the rent for this equipment. This is just one of the many hidden costs of cheap office rental.

Tenants may be subject to additional fees if they use on-site parking. Parking fees differ from city to city and parking lot to parking lot. In larger cities, they can exceed 2,000 euros per year. In a medium-sized city, you can expect to pay between 600 and 900 euros per year for an underground parking space. Outdoor parking spaces often cost less than 300 euros per year.


A portion of the monthly rent is used to pay property taxes on the building. Landlords generally charge these taxes to tenants. Standards vary by city.

Payments and expenses other than those already mentioned

Rent and other costs of a cheap office may not be the only ones you will have to pay. As an example, let’s say that agency fees or charges amount to 30% of the annual rent minus fees. The tenant and landlord can split this cost. Both parties can then share the 15% agency fee on the rent.

A security deposit may also be required from the tenant in addition to this fee, at the discretion of the landlord. With this payment, the landlord is assured that the tenant will meet his or her financial obligations. At the end of the lease, the tenant can get their money back. The landlord has complete discretion in deciding the amount of the refund.

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