Coworking: 7 original initiatives and inspiring places

It’s hard to imagine a time when coworking was as well thought out as it is today. There is no shortage of options for both digital nomads and small IT startups. The ideal workspace is more than just a place to work for a few hours or a few months; it’s a place to exchange ideas and opportunities. That’s why a growing number of well-known companies are jumping on the coworking bandwagon.

No matter where you work, the collaborative approach could be the best way to get most of your work done in the not-so-distant future. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the best coworking spaces in the world.


Color Business Center, based in Luxembourg, is a company that provides coworking services. Every day of the week, seven days a week, you can find us in a professional atmosphere.

Free Wi-Fi and video projectors are available at any time in our different meeting rooms. We offer lunches, activities and networking opportunities for everyone. Be sure to ask about the relaxing atmosphere and plush couches. Set up your future with us and take advantage of our incredible all-inclusive terms.


Crew Café and La Gare: High ceilings and traditional Beaux-Arts design coexist harmoniously with more modern elements at Crew. It’s a great place to work in Old Montreal while sipping on some of the best coffee in the city. The city’s first coworking space, La Gare, is also worth a visit.

Because of the wide range of people who live and work in Mile End, La Gare has created a collaborative workspace for small businesses, artists, non-profits and independent entrepreneurs. In fact, the group frequently hosts meetings where employees can share ideas and information.


Central Working: Is it possible to choose just one coworking space in a metropolis as large as London? Indeed, many of the original coworking spaces have expanded and opened additional locations throughout the city. Central Working’s offices are tailored to their neighborhood, focusing on efficiency and community building while maintaining the ambiance of a friendly local bar.

New York City

The Yard and the Farm. Coworking facilities have proliferated in New York in much the same way as in London. New members are encouraged to aspire to a level as Uber, Namely and Blue Apron by early adopters at The Yard, which has 10 locations in the city.

To counterbalance this, The Farm, housed in a converted Missouri barn, serves as an energy hub for the freelancers and startups that populate the streets of SOHO.


Naked Hub: With six locations in Beijing and 17 in Shanghai, Naked Hub’s facilities combine community-specific design with historic architecture. This is Naked Hub Jiuxianqiao in the 798 Art District, which renovated a former factory into an open-air office space complete with ping-pong tables and an all-you-can-eat tea bar. With their new Sanlitun location at Pacific Century Place, business travel to the office reaches a thrill level.


THINGS: Working in a coworking space in Stockholm is unlike any other city in the world. THINGS is a high-tech star in a variety of settings, from a cozy café to a renovated castle. Innovation, the Internet of Things, and medical robots are all included in the THINGS space, which is located at the Royal Institute of Technology and generates value at scale by pairing startups with large Swedish companies.


Meet Berlage: The Beur van Berlage stock exchange district is home to the vast and amazing Meet Berlage coworking space. Berlage was a modernist architect who sought to infuse his buildings with a sense of mission and community. This colossal space and the efforts of those who work there perfectly represent that goal.

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