Coworking, a new way of working

Coworking spaces are becoming more common outside of major cities as new ways of organizing the workplace emerge.

More and more companies, especially startups, are joining the growing coworking trend. More than just shared workspaces, these are living spaces where workers communicate, collaborate, network and enrich each other.

With digital technology, new ways of working have emerged

Technology continues to reshape the nature of work, enabling mobility and remote collaboration through touch technology, instant messaging and visualization tools.

As a result of these developments, agile, cross-functional and flexible organizations are experiencing cultural and organizational changes.

Increasingly, companies are choosing to relocate their employees to environments that foster creativity and innovation, such as coworking spaces and other types of flexible office environments.

Coworking encourages the development of business plans and the exchange of knowledge

Just a few years ago, coworking was just a concept, but it has become a global phenomenon. Coworkers are increasingly the norm in the workplace. Coworking has become the best option for combining the freedom of the nomad with the comfort of a typical office.

Because of the lively and entrepreneurial atmosphere and the high quality technology and services provided by these new locations, they are an interesting alternative to telecommuting (printer, meeting room, video projector, video conferencing system, coffee point, etc.).

In addition, coworking encourages the sharing of ideas and initiatives, as well as the sharing of resources, infrastructure and services. Proximity is a powerful tool to improve the quality of work, forge new alliances and stimulate innovation among colleagues.

In addition to physical location, all of this can be accomplished through the meetings that can be held there. As digital technology continues to advance, we now have a new organization that allows us to envision new ways of working and can appeal to larger groups in addition to entrepreneurs and start-ups.

What is the future of business?

This new way of working has to be integrated in the strategies of companies. Most companies are moving out of urban centers and into outlying areas. They need to consider these locations as a flexible option for staff to stay close to customers.

Coworking is a new trend in the workplace that breaks away from the traditional structure of hierarchy, processes and regular schedules. Creative togetherness is fostered when employees have access to a lively work environment, whether inside or outside the company.

For this reason, coworking spaces are more than just a collection of desks and chairs for workers. They are a new way of looking at the concept of the workplace that promises to fundamentally change our understanding of the enterprise.

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