Office renting: how to keep your tenants?

Since you’re looking for office space, it’s in your best interest to increase the probability that tenants will be interested in renewing their lease.

3 ways to attract new tenants and keep the ones you already have

Focus on creating a comfortable and efficient office space

The prospective tenant will spend many hours, if not days, in the space, so it’s important that they feel at home. That’s why it’s crucial to think about the layout of your office. This will allow you to have a space that is both pleasing to the eye and functional.

The floor plan of an office space should be the basis for the design and placement of furniture. It’s hard to design a space where the desk and chairs don’t take up at least a third of the floor space.

Rearrange the interior design

It’s hard to imagine a more effective method of discouraging potential tenants than an empty, sterile office.

A well-decorated office is more important than a nice view when it comes to attracting and retaining employees. The aesthetic effect can be achieved with little effort.

Second, opt for a simple, airy style for your layout. We’re thinking a few framed photos, carefully placed lamps, tasteful accent pieces, etc. When there are no people or other life forms in a space, plants can be used to offer some color and vibrancy.

The process of making the ad

Successful ads rely on clear, concise language that is well-punctuated and error-free.

Next, focus on the writing; it should be easy to understand, concise and highlight the benefits of your business. Prove that it offers something that similar businesses do not. Public transportation stops or restaurants in the area can be used as leasing arguments.

Tenant projection is key, so make sure they can see themselves working in your proposed space. You will stand out in the industry if you implement these three strategies.

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