Coworking has become a popular and widely accepted practice in today’s workplace. Coworking spaces in Luxembourg have expanded markedly in recent years due to a variety of factors, including workers’ desire to be more autonomous, the government’s desire to stimulate the economy, and companies’ need to be more agile. There are many factors at play in the future of coworking, but ultimately it’s up to the workers and freelancers themselves.

To ensure employee happiness, market share growth and return on investment, companies must constantly change their operational techniques.

Future of coworking

Between 2020 and 2022, the number of coworking spaces has grown tremendously. Before the containment phase began, the enthusiasm of companies across all industries for this new way of operating was evident.

As a result, there are a variety of benefits to using coworking spaces. The company that rents the offices does not have to spend a lot of money up front on furniture that can be rearranged as the workforce’s needs change.

Themed events and an internal communication network that allows for synergies have made coworking spaces gathering places (real and virtual) where professional networking is largely facilitated.

For freelancers and teleworkers, coworking spaces offer even more services tailored to their respective professions.

There is a wide range of options, from basic services like domiciliation and daily cleaning to more specialized options like catering, access to fitness facilities, and assistance from accounting and human resources professionals.

It’s a new place for freelancers and telecommuters!

Coworking is growing in popularity across a wide range of businesses, but it’s mostly freelancers who are interested. The United States is the best example of freelancers using coworking spaces to ply their trade.

Over the next decade, the number of people working for themselves will grow 10% faster than the number of traditional employees. Self-employed workers enjoy better working conditions than employees, and can continue to enjoy a high quality of social and professional well-being while complying with health regulations.

Workers who have been forced to work from home due to confinement will find coworking spaces a solution well suited to their new situation.

The room is large, the decoration is tasteful, but above all, the workspace has been designed to avoid awkward postures or Internet connection problems thanks to an ergonomic chair and a sufficiently large workstation.

We foresee a variety of possible development peaks

A growing demand for coworking would lead to its acceptance as a professional activity, according to the first hypothesis. Demand could increase further, but business demands could begin to be met. This is also likely.

They would be assimilated or gradually evaporate from the sector.” It’s possible that markets will stagnate and corporate goals for the coworking industry will decline.

A new global crisis, which would halt the coworking boom for a while, is the fourth possibility. Finally, a severe economic recession could cut the demand for coworking spaces in half.

Reassure people who rely on coworking and coworkers in every way possible. Coworking seems to have a bright future!

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