Coworking : functioning, advantages and disadvantages

A new mode of work organization centered on a shared work place, coworking, is in full expansion. It is a new way to promote exchange and synergy between the entrepreneurs present. As in all fields, all work has positive and negative aspects. That’s why Color Business Center has highlighted for you the advantages and disadvantages of coworking and how it works.

Coworking: A showcase for collaborative work

Coworking emerged in the United States as a way to bring together a group of entrepreneurs and allow them to work together in one place.

Entrepreneurs and service providers on the internet are many and varied. Developing a business from home can be isolating, and traditional offices are more expensive. This is an intriguing solution.

This new work structure is particularly in line with the ideals of aspiring entrepreneurs who appreciate such an environment.

The advantages of coworking

When working alone and from home, project managers and entrepreneurs are particularly attracted to the coworking concept, which allows them to break the isolation.

A coworking space is a great place to meet and collaborate with other professionals in a similar field of work, which can lead to the formation of workgroups, skill alliances…

The sense of camaraderie among co-workers is an important factor in boosting employee morale and increasing performance.

Renting a regular office is not necessary if you choose to work in a coworking space. A coworking space can be booked for a day, a week or even a year, making it extremely adaptable.

To summarize, coworking spaces are fully furnished and stocked, have fast internet access, and are conveniently located.

The disadvantages of coworking

First of all, coworking is not a viable option for all entrepreneurs because it requires a dematerialized business model.

Eventually, as the business grows (in terms of staff, equipment demands, etc.), coworking will no longer be a reliable option and it will be time to move to a more permanent space.

It is not a good idea for entrepreneurs who need a quiet place to work to participate in coworking spaces. Those who like to work in a dynamic environment with minimal noise can benefit from this style of operation (which is not unpleasant, however, as it is a working atmosphere).

If you are working on something new or in a career that requires secrecy and confidentiality, coworking is not the best option for you.

With coworking, you can get a place to work outside of your home for less while breaking the isolation that comes with working alone and connecting with other entrepreneurs.

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