The boom of coworking spaces in Luxembourg

The number of coworking spaces in Luxembourg has been growing steadily in recent years. Since 2020, the spaces at the train station have become the largest coworking space in the capital, making it the fastest growing company in the city.

The concept of coworking spaces in Luxembourg

In addition to individual and shared workspaces, there are also meeting rooms, nooks and crannies, culinary spaces, sports facilities and break rooms.

All of this is under one roof, allowing colleagues to work in comfort while enjoying a wide range of amenities. This is a must for any workspace open to the public.

The “community,” as industry experts describe it, is even more important than the services themselves. These coworking spaces are attractive because of the relationships that can be built beyond the services they offer.

Obviously, it is to “networking” that we refer

Everyone finds themselves in it at some point. An employee who wants to enter the business world and a large company that wants to work more flexible hours. Dedicated workstations and private offices seem to be a popular choice for many businesses.

Despite this, coworkers can still use shared workspaces or rent a dedicated workstation.

An abandoned market

An abandoned market
The number of coworking spaces in Luxembourg in the private sector amounts to about 50, which represents nearly 50,000 square feet of usable space (offices, shared spaces etc…).

According to data, coworking has a market share of 1.7% in Luxembourg. New locations are expected to open in the Grand Duchy throughout 2022, which means that this assessment will likely be updated upwards over time.

Why management is impossible

Why management is impossible
The Luxembourg government has informed us that there are no official regulations governing coworking at the moment. This unconventional way of working is currently governed by the standard labor code. However, Color Business Center can confirm that all its Coworking, closed offices and private and nominative workstations comply with the standards of the legislation and will adapt to any future changes as soon as necessary.

In the meantime, there is no doubt that coworking spaces in Luxembourg will continue to grow as they meet the growing demand for flexibility from employees and employers, as well as independent professionals looking for a place to call home.

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