Coworking and gamification: making work more fun and productive

The coworking concept has revolutionized the way professionals work, offering flexible and collaborative environments. With the rise of coworking spaces, a new trend is emerging: gamification. By integrating elements of play into everyday work, coworking spaces can motivate members, increase productivity and create a more engaging working environment. This article explores how gamification is being used in coworking spaces to transform the work experience.

What is gamification?

Gamification is the application of game elements (such as points, levels, rewards) in non-game contexts to encourage engagement and motivation. In the workplace, this can mean using gaming techniques to make tasks more engaging and stimulate healthy competitiveness between members.

Gamification in coworking spaces

 1. Rewards and points systems

Coworking spaces can implement point systems where members earn rewards for productive or collaborative behavior. For example, attending workshops, helping another member or even respecting working hours can earn points that can be exchanged for benefits such as free meeting room time or discounts on coworking services.

2. Challenges and competitions

Organizing challenges and competitions is an effective way of boosting productivity and commitment. Coworking spaces can set up monthly competitions where members compete to achieve specific goals, such as completing a project or taking part in training activities. Winners may receive prizes or public recognition within the coworking community.

3. Leaderboards

Displaying members’ progress and achievements on visible leaderboards can boost motivation. These charts can include items such as “Member of the Month”, top contributors to community projects or most active participants in coworking events. This public visibility encourages healthy competition and motivates members to get more involved.

Benefits of gamification in coworking spaces

1. Increased motivation

Gamification transforms tasks that are often perceived as boring or routine into interesting challenges. Members are more likely to engage with their work when they can see tangible rewards for their efforts.

2. Improved productivity

By making tasks more engaging, gamification can improve productivity. Members are more focused and determined to achieve their goals when they are motivated by rewards and competition.

3. Creating an engaged working environment

A coworking space that incorporates gamification fosters a culture of collaboration and engagement. Members interact more frequently, share their progress and celebrate successes together, reinforcing a sense of community and mutual support.

Gamification in coworking spaces represents an exciting opportunity to improve member motivation, productivity and engagement. By transforming work into a more playful and interactive experience, coworking spaces can not only attract more members, but also create an environment where everyone feels encouraged and valued. For entrepreneurs, freelancers and SMEs, incorporating gamification elements can be an effective strategy for maximizing the potential of their shared workspace.

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