Coworking spaces: a new work organization

The major cities of Luxembourg are experiencing an increase in the number of coworking spaces. Coworking is a promising new work organization for self-employed people, which consists of sharing a workspace with other people. As a result, social gatherings, group imitations and business meetings have multiplied.

Does coworking exist?

Many freelancers in Luxembourg got tired of working alone at home or at café tables, which is why the notion of coworking was born a few years ago.

Self-employed workers, freelancers, consultants and those who can work from home with a computer and an Internet connection are the target audience of this work organization.

It’s about sharing a workspace to save money, but it’s also a way for employees to meet in a professional setting.

How exactly does it work?

Coworking or coworking facilities are large, open workspaces with private offices and workstations with internet access. Meeting rooms and lounge areas are also available.

To work there, you can pay for a day or half day, or reserve your spot for the month.

What are the advantages of working from home?

Using a coworking space stimulates communication and openness to learning. It helps self-employed people to : – get out of their isolation and find a socialization specific to corporate life; – join a creative dynamic through collective emulation; – have professional meetings; – benefit from the convenience of telecommuting and share costs .

Coworkers share more than just a place to work, they also have access to each other’s expertise. Some consider it an innovative approach to the usual work organization methods.

Are there any coworking spaces in my area?

In Luxembourg, there are currently about 100 coworking spaces. Collaborative work, sharing, transparency and camaraderie are emphasized in these spaces.

Our Color Business Center coworking spaces in Luxembourg, Strassen, or Bertrange are at your disposal, we welcome you in our offices at unbeatable costs.

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