Coworking, a new way of organizing work

Coworking spaces are developing in Luxembourg at a time when self-entrepreneurship and teleworking are becoming more and more popular. They are places where people from different backgrounds can get together to work.


The home-based coworker faces a number of challenges when it comes to balancing work and personal life: rescheduling the alarm clock, dealing with unexpected visitors, etc.

For freelancers, coworking spaces offer a comfortable work atmosphere and a place to socialize in order to break the isolation. Because of its flexibility, coworking is also a popular option.

Half a day, a week, a month or even more can be booked through a ticket system. When the coworker arrives, they bring their computer and all their work papers.

Telecommuting professionals who choose to work from home are also attracted by the flexible working hours of this company.


The fact that coworking is not simply a shared workspace adds to its appeal. Coworking spaces are more than a place to share resources such as energy, internet, and meeting rooms; they are a place to build a community of professionals.

Therefore, these spaces can be used to create a network of relationships between coworkers. They share services, discuss the challenges they face and sometimes collaborate on common projects.

This is why coworking spaces are becoming an essential aspect of the new cooperative economy.

Do you work in coworking spaces? What do you think of them? Or if you’re looking for a coworking space, Color Business Center is your best bet.

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