What makes a good coworking space for entrepreneurs?

Work flexibility has evolved as work styles and work arrangements have changed. Today, many professionals can work from wherever they want. For many entrepreneurs, leaving home and using coworking facilities is more efficient than working from their own office.

An office shared by freelancers, start-ups and small teams is called a coworking space or shared workplace. Both independence and collaboration can be enjoyed in these environments with a wide range of features. Private office suites and specialized office spaces are also available. In most cases, rent and any extras are covered by membership fees.

Because of all that coworking spaces have to offer, they are likely to be around for a long time in the future. There are several benefits to working in a coworking space, including:

1. Working with other people

When you work with other people, you gain a sense of authority. Entrepreneurs working together in a coworking space will help you improve your own abilities. You will also be able to connect with people from a variety of other fields. This will allow you to think outside the box more frequently.

2. Creativity

Boredom is an all too common phenomenon when working from home. In a coworking environment, you are free to express yourself as you see fit. Individuals and teams alike will find this a great place to be.

3. Discipline

Many independent contractors struggle with self-discipline. It’s easy to become disoriented if no one reminds you to show up to work at a certain time or submit a progress report by a specific date. A shared workspace brings a sense of order and discipline to your daily activities. There is much more pressure to show up when people are counting on you.

4. Resources

Generally, shared workspaces have common resources, amenities and opportunities. Examples include meeting rooms, copiers and printers, refreshments and coffee, business mailing addresses, access to speakers, software and office supplies… and more. Because of the lack of typical benefits associated with a salaried position, these resources are essential for freelancers.

5. Build and maintain relationships

In a coworking space, networking opportunities are one of the main benefits. When done correctly, this networking can be as low-key and casual as a chat around the water cooler with new acquaintances.

Meeting new people can be as simple as starting a conversation with the person who shares your office or as formal as attending a networking event. Membership in this organization is worth the price of admission for this benefit alone.

Investing in a coworking space is a low risk option. Most coworking spaces allow you to join on a monthly basis. Try something else if it doesn’t fit your career or lifestyle. Eventually you’ll get used to it, as most other businesses have before you. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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