Discover the solutions of telecommuting in coworking third places

Telecommuting is not just for those who work from home either! Small businesses and employees looking for an alternative to telecommuting from home are both affected by the coworking space concept implemented since its inception.

Through this effort, many company employees have been able to save up to a few days of commuting per week. It was necessary to find a way to offer them quality work environments, both close to home and adapted to their needs as professionals (internet connection, work comfort, ergonomic furniture, inspiring places, etc.).

Having this vision will lead to the establishment of a working group. This label was designed to reassure companies that their teleworkers would be comfortable in coworking spaces.

Unfortunately, it took more than a decade and the COVID19 crisis with the forced installation of home-based telecommuting (and its limitations: loss of social connection, poor connection, burnout, back problems…) for companies to become more interested in the alternatives offered in professional third places.

This post-confinement revival of interest has allowed coworking spaces to reintroduce their historical offer of telework in the third places: a solution of support for telework at home with our furniture manufacturers and computer advice. Innovative solutions at a reasonable cost.


The best possible working conditions

It is easy to work in one of our coworking spaces. To guarantee employee comfort and quality of service, they meet a set of measurable standards (internet connection, ergonomic seating, air-conditioned spaces, reception, social and professional links, brightness…).

Socializing places

Various studies have been conducted on the dangers of telecommuting in the long term, including the loss of social ties, social isolation, and even burn-out.

Our coworking spaces, which are not only places to work but also places to live and socialize, are a solution to this threat. A teleworker is always in contact with colleagues and clients. It is a permanent relationship.

A third place requires teleworkers to keep to the schedule of a typical working day, but they also benefit from reduced travel time, the possibility to connect with their colleagues and an ideal working atmosphere.

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