Coworking space: rent an office or a workstation

Nowadays, coworking offers you the possibility of everything: from a temporary workstation to a dedicated office, to a private space for companies and their employees, and even a private space reserved for them… With a coworking space, you have every chance of finding the ideal work environment.

Coworking: a third place with many advantages

In the commercial real estate market, coworking is undoubtedly the most popular third-party location because of its many advantages. In recent years, the commercial real estate sector has been using it as an alternative to renting.

Therefore, the term “third place” refers to a social environment that combines aspects of home and work. When these spaces are put into practice, they tend to be shared and collaborative spaces whose major objective is that they can meet the needs of urban economic actors.

These include coworking spaces, as well as several other hybrid spaces.

What is a coworking space, and how does it work?

The term “coworking” refers to a group of people working together in a shared office space that has been set up for productivity. What do you hope to accomplish? To build community by sharing resources and infrastructure, such as meeting spaces, function rooms and recreation rooms.

To meet the needs of businesses and, more broadly, the current evolution of work organization, coworking has emerged as a viable option. Companies are facing additional issues as a result of this new regulation.

Coworking has been little impacted by the Covid-19 health crisis. Yet, at first glance, the concept seemed irreconcilable with both the generalization of containment and telecommuting, as well as the hygiene precautions to be implemented.

What are the advantages of coworking?

It’s time to get out and get connected!

The openness of a coworking space sets it apart from other types of workplaces. Because of this openness, there are many opportunities for networking. There is one key difference between coworking spaces and business centers.

Many principles are actively maintained in the coworking environment, making it more than just a place to work. Coworkers should be able to exchange ideas, talents and be open-minded. It is because of these ideals that we talk about “co-working” rather than “self-working”…

The “coworking” atmosphere: desire and particularity

The experience of a coworking space reflects the current trends and concerns of workers. The latter are at the forefront of the democratization of coworking thanks to new working methods and new generations of workers and entrepreneurs.

How much does a coworking space cost?

This type of coworking space is ideal for startups because of its affordability, accessibility, shared infrastructure and resources, and the ability to network.

Many traditional businesses require large deposits or collateral to rent space, but coworking is cheaper and more flexible than traditional workspaces that do not require large deposits or collateral.

What types of businesses can use coworking?

For freelancers and freelancers, coworking space options have expanded to include fixed workstations, as well as open workspaces and private offices of various sizes.

This makes this type of location suitable for a wide range of business models. It can be used by everyone from freelancers to large companies, project teams or regional offices of large corporations…..

Is it possible to discover an ideal coworking space for your needs?

The cost of a coworking space varies considerably depending on the criteria you choose. There are also free coworking spaces that provide mobile workstations, a pleasant work environment and the necessities to work: ideal for freelancers and mobile employees!

In addition to location, venue assets and size or number of workstations, rent is influenced by the same factors as traditional real estate. In addition, the performance of the network and the services it provides must be considered. It is therefore essential to put in writing what you want!

If you want a great network without having to pay for many services, look for places that are more community-oriented. To attract customers, you’ll need to choose locations with quality facilities and a known address.

Color Business Center can help you with this thought process, selection, and even rent negotiations! Your office will be located in the neighborhood of your dreams, and you won’t have to go over budget to get there!

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