A very strong change in the mentality towards workspaces and coworking

Some studies show that up to 80% of European employees do not want to return to their old office under the same conditions after experiencing the flexibility of working from home.

In this context, a US survey showed that 36% of office workers surveyed would rather resign than return to the strict office environment where they worked before the pandemic.

Behind this new demand is a better work-life balance during the pandemic, and a better quality of life that they do not want to give up. Some suggest preserving this flexibility by increasing the number of possible work spaces, such as business centers and coworking and shared offices.

Employers are now accepting the benefits of allowing free choice of workspaces and schedules for their employees – especially in a coworking space.

During the beginning of the Covid-related global confinements, the coworking industry experienced a sharp decline in business. In the current redevelopment phase, the market is clearly on the rise again and seems to be heading towards strong growth, especially for cheap closed offices and coworking spaces in Luxembourg.

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