A recovery of the coworking market

In Luxembourg, the business center market is booming again: coworking spaces are once again in high demand and employees are returning to their favorite office workplaces after a long absence marked by the pandemic.

Office workers have become used to working independently and flexibly from home, but the desire to redevelop their social life is now very real, an essential feature offered by coworking spaces where it is still possible to negotiate a cheap office in Luxembourg, despite very high real estate prices.

Also, some employees who lost their job during the pandemic have decided to start a new independent activity, to get more independence and to manage at best the problem of mobility and work-life balance. They then need to host their company headquarters in a flexible location. The domiciliation of company not being offered by the Color Business Center, the solution is then simply to write a contract of lease leaving free choice to the entrepreneur to put the head office of his company has our address, in the business center.

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