If I invite a client on a coworking space, should I pay for two?

It depends on whether the client has already reserved an office in the same workspace. For a coworking space, you only need to pay after you have reserved an office and started working there.

There is no need to pay additional fees if your client is a one-time client.

For a one-time meeting, you don’t have to pay for two people, as each coworking space should include separate meeting rooms that can be made available to coworkers who need them.

There may be a charge for use of the conference space, but you can’t charge twice as much for the same service.

Unless it’s a very important meeting with presentations to make and private conversations to have, it’s not always necessary to reserve a conference space. Your guests will be impressed, and you’ll save time too.

In some locations, your client’s coffee and other refreshments may be charged extra; in others, you can use the common area for free.

Most centers will accept a short visit from a client free of charge if they are only there to see your office or meet your time.

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