What are the biggest problems faced by coworking spaces?

It all depends on who or what is going to occupy the space. Coworking isn’t for everyone, but it does have a number of benefits that make it attractive to some people.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common issues coworking spaces face.


While the environments are not as open as, say, a coffee shop, you need to be careful when entering sensitive information. Since the majority of people who use a coworking space are in the same mindset, it’s fairly unlikely that anything will be stolen.

When you leave the room, be sure to close your laptop and be careful about who can hear your phone or your one-on-one conversations. In a “public” setting, you could be abusing personal information that could be leaked to competitors.


Although colleagues have become accustomed to a certain level of noise and activity, it can sometimes be a bit much. Even if it’s just a saleswoman in the next cubicle or a recruiter across the room, it can be a bit much for some.


This point is related to the previous one in that the changing atmosphere of a space is something we often hear about. Depending on who or what is working in the room, it can go from a boisterous atmosphere to a library atmosphere at any given time.

Customer complaints usually fall into one of the three problems above. If open space doesn’t always meet your needs, you can usually rent private conference rooms or private offices by the hour or month at coworking spaces like Color Business Center does!

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