Are open office spaces unproductive?

This is bad news for corporations that spent billions of dollars on upgrading their workplaces in the belief that it will improve collaboration and communication. In fact, research suggest that the open space plan really has the opposite impact, reducing productivity and morale at the workplace.

What’s the Deal with Wide Open Space Plans?

It is common for business leaders to be challenged with coming up with fresh ideas for enhancing workplace efficiency by fostering greater cooperation among employees. 

With these goals in mind, a reimagining of obsolete office layouts into open space designs has become one of the most popular workplace projects in the last decade. When it comes to attracting and retaining employees, the open space plan has become the most popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

In any event, it’s not working. It appears that the structures supposed to boost our transparency are actually reducing our productivity, according to increasing data. 

Workers who are forced to work in open offices tend to isolate themselves and establish personal boundaries.

Examining the Benefits of Open Office Design

When it comes to open office layouts, corporate leaders had anticipated for much better results. Bottom line is that human beings are essentially gregarious but they also have a strong yearning for privacy. Businesses that don’t meet the demands of their employees can see a decrease in production.

Because true innovation thrives when employees feel free to share ideas, an open workplace setting may be impeding companies ability to realize their potential. As a result of these findings, employers should implement changes that provide employees with private areas where they can escape the open office turmoil. 

In order to boost worker productivity and overall happiness, organizations should make noise-canceling headphones available to teams or find other ways to retreat, at least a little, from their commitment to open office structures.

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