How do you market your coworking space?

We’ll go through the basics of how to boost the exposure of your workspace if you have one or are thinking about opening up a coworking space and/or searching for methods to make money off of those vacant chairs below.

There are a variety of ways to promote your coworking space in your local area, and this post will detail some of our favorite methods for doing so.

1. Differentiation is a critical component

No doubt, the coworking space business is gaining in popularity. To what extent are you going to set yourself out from the competition? Coworking marketing strategy begins with an understanding of why people should choose your space over those of others.

Your coworking space’s advantages over your competition are as follows: Is it the amenities, the community, the services, or the industry specialty of your space? What makes your area unique can help you succeed in the long run. A “nice space” is not enough. You must go deeper than that. The objective is to sell a product that can’t be easily copied. They are seeking for a venue that is tailored to their needs when they are considering joining. As a business owner, you may be looking for a sense of community, networking opportunities, or just a better understanding of how to operate your company better.

Spend some time getting to know your customers and provide more than simply “space amenities” to them.

2. Build a Website

Once you’ve figured out your specialty, you’ll need to keep reminding them of your unique selling proposition and the value you provide to their lives. Every aspect of your marketing strategy should mirror your messaging.

For your coworking space, this involves developing a well-designed website. Your website is a representation of your brand and, more often than not, a customer’s first impression of your workspace, even if your business is located in a physical location. Don’t undervalue the power of your coworking space website as a tool for increasing sales. It’s all about making a good first impression!

Build a Website

3. SEO for Coworking Spaces

You’ve already won half the battle if you’ve launched your website. It’s critical that you put in the time and effort necessary to optimize your website for search engines. The search engines will penalize your website if it takes too long to load or if it isn’t optimized for mobile devices.

4. Begin on a Smaller Scale

So, you’ve finished your messaging and built a fantastic website for your customers. Your coworking space marketing strategy can now begin. Some of the most crucial websites for attracting consumers to your coworking space have been included in this list.

  • Google’s Local Business Center

Boosting your online presence is as easy as listing and verifying your locations on Google My Business. Customers looking for your services in your region will see your workspace when searching on Google. So, what could possibly be better?

  • Listed Coworking Spaces

Your coworking space needs to be listed in appropriate directories in addition to Google My Business. Additionally, these local citations aid in expanding your audience.

5. Reputation Management & Social Proof

Gaining support for your idea is critical. Asking customers to leave reviews on Google, social media and directories are all examples of this practice.

People are more likely to use your area if they perceive that other people with similar interests have used it successfully; this is known as “social proof.” Your customers and your concept will be better served if you show that you actually care about them.

After all, your members are the people you’re trying to reach and the ones who will be most enthusiastic about your products and services. Your local search results are also influenced by your online reviews..

6. Your Coworking Space’s Content Marketing

The capacity to draw new members to your coworking space can be considerably enhanced by launching a blog about your business. Why does that happen? To this day, we ask inquiries such, “What is a coworking space?” to our mobile assistants and search engines because of the prevalence of digital marketing.

Create content that is worthy of linking to so that your site can be found and be found for relevant keywords.

Your Coworking Space’s Content Marketing

7. Activation

Become familiar with your local media venues, both online and off, to see if there are any openings for interviews or features. Contact journalists that may be interested in writing about your space by creating a pitch template.

The journalist should be conversant with coworking, technology, and real estate. Spam emails that have nothing to do with their area of expertise are the last thing journalists need or desire.

8. Create a Coworking Space’s Social Media Accounts

It’s a simple step, but one that gets overlooked a lot. To reach your target audience, use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When it comes to getting people involved, making announcements, or even marketing your organization. It’s easy to get your message out there at no cost by interacting with these relevant groups.

Create a Coworking Space’s Social Media Accounts

9. Your Coworking Space should hold events for its members

There is nothing better than having the local coworking community try out your place. Aside from employment, it’s all about how you can become the focal point of your community.

10. Engage Your Audience

If you want to have a successful space, you need to talk to your neighbors and other members of your community. In other words, don’t go out and try to upsell people on coworking memberships. Prioritize the office-seeking population that isn’t actively looking (or know about coworking). Building trust and community is easier when you focus on groups who share your interests.

11. Communicating Constantly

Leads and members need to hear from you on a regular basis if you want to succeed. This might be anything from feedback about a location to ideas for events, services, and so on. When your members feel like they have a say in how the space is run, they are more likely to stay.

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