What is the benefit of renting a furnished office for a business?

The costs associated with maintaining an office space are significant. Renting a furnished office is an option that can meet a variety of needs. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this approach.

Predefined office costs

The fixed monthly costs of an office space must be factored into the business owner’s budget before any commitment is made. Water, electricity, telephone, heating, building taxes and utilities may all be included in some office space…

The price is inflated since money has been spent on the furniture. Office furniture, including desks, chairs, tables, bookcases, and storage furniture, can add up to a lot of money, as can small appliances and kitchen utensils. Electronics such as computers, telephones, printers and photocopiers are also included in the budget.

A commercial or professional lease is also required to house a business or profession. It is signed for a minimum term of 6 years, with a 6-month notice period. This is therefore a limitation that must be taken into account.

A fully furnished apartment to rent

Renting furnished apartments is convenient for business travelers, people between jobs and entrepreneurs. Rather than shelling out money for furnishings or agreeing to a lease for a fully furnished space, you can get a feel for the market with this alternative.

For aspiring business owners who don’t have access to an incubator, this is the perfect solution. It is an ideal solution for businesses that want to expand into new areas, such as opening a branch office in another city.

Renting office equipment, such as computers, phones and printers, also saves money. It’s another quick and easy way to set up shop, and it can be easily cancelled if necessary. Obviously, this solution costs more than renting office space and buying your own equipment. It is a temporary solution.

Freelance professionals and early stage business owners often take this route. It reduces the amount of start-up money and capital required.

Seasonal Rentals

It is common for businesses to rely on primary or secondary seasonality. A seasonal business may need to rent a fully furnished space or office for the duration of the season.

Please contact us as soon as possible if the idea of sharing an office with like-minded professionals and renting a space appeals to you.

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