Coworking to reduce costs?

In Belgium as well as in France, coworking centers are now a real trend in the office and business center market. However, we remain on reasonable figures in terms of market share, companies continuing to favor traditional offices and private workstations, which they tailor-made according to new needs, thus creating “hybrid” surfaces or new trends rub shoulders with classic offices.

One thing is certain, however: a new profile of workers has been born. Business centers bear witness to this, with a growing proportion of coworking spaces in their total surface area, a complementary component of the real estate market that we can no longer qualify as an accessory.

These new users – independents, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small structures, remain the privileged target of coworking centers, this offer being dedicated to them.

Many frontier workers looking for an inexpensive office in Luxembourg often fall back on this private workstation solution, in order to reduce their costs. Renting an office in Luxembourg always represents a significant cost that entrepreneurs should not underestimate, so we can understand that many are legitimately turning to coworking spaces and business centers in Luxembourg.

Join the Color Business Center in Bertrange for 195 Eur coworking space per month!

A friendly and competitive business address with appropriate sanitary measures. #coworkingspaces #businesscenter #coworkingcommunity #businessaddress #bureaux

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