Is coworking a fad?

In the real estate sector, as everywhere, there are fashion phenomena following the actors of the trade! In the early days of coworking, the trend was to develop cool, pretty cool workspaces, often with a reference to Google’s offices in California. Start-ups and creative entrepreneurs converged there to develop their ideas and especially to flee their homes where it is less good to work.

In Luxembourg, the challenge of hosting the head office has changed the situation in terms of the demand for coworking, quite simply because virtual offices are not allowed by the administration, unlike France and Belgium. .

Never mind, a good mix remains possible between entrepreneurs seeing workspaces and other workstations as a nice and inspiring place and entrepreneurs working on their coworking because they also hosted the head office there. their business.

The evolution of the salaried workforce towards more flexibility and cooler spaces is therefore not the only trend (reinforced by teleworking impossible at home for some) which is swelling the veils of business centers in Luxembourg. Without forgetting some large companies which are also starting to install some of their employees in coworking spaces dedicated to their company.

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