New trend in the coworking world

Some Business centres in US and UK are now asking their remote employees to come back to work. They organize a post-corona office space compliant with the existing legal frame, ensuring a good environment or sending them to coworking spaces having been already busy adjusting an ad-hoc structure. Wider corridors between the coworkers, fewer coworking desks, bigger workstation separations, etc, many measures that have required a real focus from the property managers throughout the summer.

Some creative players have even start using tents in order to provide workers with a safe and trendy office environment.

Elisabeth, co-manager of the Color Business Center, explains: “Covid has been a real game changer in our business. We know now that many tenants are preferring to use their coworking station only 2 or 3 times per week.  And they don´t expect the business center to offer the same work environment than before”

“As a flexible office workspace provider, we are constantly making efforts to suit to their need, trying to offer inspiring premises”

Join the Color Business Center in Bertrange for 195 Eur coworking space per month!

A friendly and competitive business address with appropriate sanitary measures. #coworkingspaces #businesscenter #coworkingcommunity #businessaddress #bureaux

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