Does teleworking have a real impact on the productivity of the companies that allow it?

According to numerous studies, the new agreements in terms of teleworking could impact the commitment of employees to their employers. A certain loneliness combined with a more entertaining working environment is said to be the cause. It is to overcome this deficit that several players are now turning to coworking and workstations located in open spaces.

Indeed, the working atmosphere and the presence of other people being in the same working conditions often prove to be productive for the motivation and commitment of the employees.

The statistics are not always precise, but the mutual assistance between coworkers and the dynamics instilled by the “coworking spaces” environment is real and often highly appreciated by employees.

Obviously, the location of the business center must offer important advantages such as avoiding traffic jams and unnecessary loss of time for coworkers, if not as much going to their place of work.

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