Coworking: what are the advantages?

Coworking or “shared work spaces” are now more than ever a fashionable organization method for companies. But what are the advantages for a company to work in a space where offices are shared?

This trend came to Europe from the United States in the early 2000s, and has accompanied the growing growth of large groups as well as the development of new technologies for employment purposes.

Initially designed to save space and reduce installation and organization costs, shared work spaces have also created positive externalities for the employees working there. More pleasant conditions, new forms of work and learning, the results are numerous and this system is proving to be effective for companies using coworking.

A source of innovation

As a reminder, coworking spaces are open rooms where companies share the same workspace. This system of organization aims to develop a certain proximity with its office neighbors and to facilitate communication between everyone. It’s a proven fact: coworking frees up the word at work, boosts exchanges and can lead to real partnerships or affinities in some cases.

In this kind of open space, we work, but not only. Indeed, we create links, we exchange advice, services, skills that can even lead to projects! Stimulating for the mind, collaborative work is spontaneous and facilitated by these work spaces without partitions or barriers.

An atmosphere conducive to work

Rather than compartmentalized offices resembling mousetraps confining workers, coworking spaces tend towards sharing and communication in a friendly place where working no longer rhymes with being locked in front of a screen. A source of socialization and a place for sharing, shared offices create a space where the interests of companies embrace the well-being of employees at work.

Communication, openness to other ways of working, sharing; all these elements specific to coworking spaces create a stimulating emulsion that energizes the way we work. This relaxed, more open and less restrictive organization allows establishing an atmosphere conducive to work that becomes a pleasant moment.

A method known by many companies, open work spaces are an undeniable alternative to monotony in the office. Productivity gains, skill sharing, conviviality and good mood, the positive effects are to be noted as well on the results of the employees as on their morale.

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