How do you decide who gets to join your coworking space?

In coworking, anyone who is able to work from any location can do so. You don’t even need to do it in a coworking space specifically for this purpose. Working from home, at a park or in someone else’s office is all well and dandy. Self-selection, on the other hand, is critical.

It’s very astonishing, if you think about it. Coworking spaces are the only venues where everyone in the room is there voluntarily, rather than by circumstance. If you ask anyone who coworks, they will tell you that working in a group of people who have chosen to be there because they want to is an incredibly good and productive experience. Working in a coworking space can lead to unusually high levels of productivity for many people since they are able to choose where they work each day and are surrounded by others who work where they work each day.

The coworking space must allow members and participants to self-select in order for this interaction to take place.

Many people have shocked us over the past four years. Perhaps they had a lower level of experience than expected. Maybe they needed to work on their social skills. A lack of confidence may have been the cause. They could have been a little rowdy. They could have been being ironic. It’s possible that they were naysayers. Most of these characteristics were lost over time. 

They began to be themselves instead of the person they believed they should be. At the very least, they improved with time. Observing someone’s personal and professional development over a period of time is an eye-opening experience since it reveals just how much people can change. They’ll take advantage if you let them to.

As a melting pot, coworking fosters an environment where all of these extremes can find a place of normalcy. To him, dealing with other individuals rather than managers, mediators, or human resources helps things sort themselves out most of the time.

As all of the pieces come together, you’ll be grateful that you set up such a supportive environment where individuals are free to surprise you in the best way possible.

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