How much do coworking space cost in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, coworking has been gaining ground for some years now. This is a clear indication of the growing demand among Luxembourg workers and companies for more flexible and less conventional working environments. Workplaces close to home are more popular among those who use these spaces. As a result, the number of coworking space in Luxembourg is increasing and is expected to continue to grow in the near future.

What are the most popular locations for coworking spaces in Luxembourg?

Due to their proximity to the Luxembourg train station and the Cloche d’Or district, these two areas are currently the most preferred locations for coworkers in the country. For this type of working environment, other areas are being planned and built.

In 2022, Color Business Center plans to open three coworking spaces in Luxembourg, Bertrange and Strassen.

What is the going rate for a coworking space in Luxembourg? Where can I find the average price?

The market for coworking spaces in Luxembourg is also quite resilient. 51 excluding VAT per square meter in the center of Luxembourg is up 2% in one year; Kirchberg is up 3%; Cloche d’Or is up 3%; and the price per square meter in the city’s suburbs varies from €30 to €22.5 per month.

Taking into account the current price of utilities such as water, electricity and heating, one can get an idea of the financial burden that this project will impose. Coworking spaces in Luxembourg are becoming more and more popular due to this trend.

It is possible to book a workstation by the hour, day or month in coworking spaces. To give you a reasonable budget, Color Business Center offers workstation rental from €195 per month and private offices from €495 per month.

What is the purpose of coworking space in Luxembourg?

Coworking spaces are no longer just for start-ups; they now cater for a wide variety of Luxembourg professionals. They have become increasingly popular with large companies because of the flexibility they offer, as well as the need to retain their best employees, who often choose these spaces because of their location and the services they offer.

Working from a QR code or an app, employees of Luxembourg coworking spaces can also make reservations for services such as parking or other necessities.

What are the advantages of coworking for companies based in Luxembourg?

The possibility to share not only workplaces but also ideas used to be a major selling point for coworking spaces. Since the epidemic, if the human dimension and the relational aspect are sought after, they also guarantee flexibility.

Besides reducing costs, coworking spaces can also increase employee satisfaction and well-being, making them a worthwhile investment.

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