How much does a coworking space cost?

It’s no secret that coworking and shared office spaces are becoming increasingly popular. People on business trips, companies that want to give their employees a little more freedom, and even people who can’t work from home are all attracted to these spaces.

To stand out from the crowd, shared workspaces are increasingly offering additional services. If you want to join the ranks of real coworkers, here are details of the typical rates and services offered by coworking spaces :

Coworking prices vary depending on your needs

For a few years now, shared work spaces have been multiplying in Luxembourg and offer ever more inventive services to attract new clients.

This working method has a price, which depends on the needs of each person and the different options chosen. Whether you want an open space with several workstations or a private office, you can easily discover the work mode that best suits your needs, whether you choose a daily or monthly coworking rate.

Many services are frequently offered in these coworking spaces. Most of the time, they are activated on an individual basis and are sometimes included in the basic coworking rate.

Numerous coworking price packages

The packages available on the market differ depending on the subscription formula and the type of workspace chosen.

You can find “permanent” and “nomadic” offers for the same type of space. The worker can opt for a monthly subscription or a daily or half-day coworking package, which allows for greater flexibility and lower costs.

Depending on the type of workspace desired, coworking rates can also vary. Closed offices are more expensive than open offices. In addition, the cost of a workstation decreases as the number of people using it increases.

With a monthly subscription, coworking rates are usually much lower. In terms of commitment time, this type of service is much more condensed and adaptable than a traditional office rental.

It takes anywhere from one to three months, depending on the space you have available. There are also coworking spaces that offer month-to-month subscriptions that require no time commitment on your part.

It is possible to expand your network, have convenient access during office hours or even 24/7, all of which are benefits of coworking for the self-employed.

For this reason, a variety of coworking rates are offered to better meet the demands of each worker. In addition, the on-site services are a considerable advantage!

So, discover the Color Business Center coworking space and adopt this way of working which is seducing more and more people!

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