What is corpoworking?

Corpoworking is a recent evolution of the coworking concept, tailored specifically to the needs of large businesses and organisations. But what exactly is corpoworking and how does it work? In this article, we’ll explore the concept of corpoworking in detail, its benefits for businesses and how it works.

What is corpoworking?

Corpoworking is a shared workspace model designed specifically to meet the needs of large companies and organisations. It offers a flexible, collaborative alternative to traditional offices, enabling employees from different teams, departments or divisions to work together in a shared environment.

Advantages of corpoworking :

1. Flexibility: corpoworking offers large companies the flexibility they need to manage their workforce and resources dynamically. Companies can rent corpoworking spaces for specific teams, temporary projects or special events, without having to invest in permanent offices.

2. Internal collaboration: corpoworking encourages collaboration and the exchange of ideas between different departments and teams within the company. By working side by side in a shared environment, employees can share their knowledge, skills and perspectives, which can stimulate innovation and creativity within the organization.

3. Reduced costs: by using corpoworking spaces, large companies can reduce their real estate costs by avoiding the need to invest in traditional offices for each team or project. In addition, operating costs, such as utilities, or maintenance costs are often included in the rental charges, resulting in further savings.

How does corpoworking work?

The way corpoworking works can vary depending on the provider and the specific needs of the company, but the basic principle remains the same. Companies rent corpoworking spaces for a fixed period, often on a monthly or annual basis, and can use them as they need them. Corpoworking spaces can be entirely dedicated to a single company or shared between several companies, depending on the size and preferences of the organisation.

In short, corpoworking is an innovative solution for large companies and organisations looking to promote collaboration, flexibility and efficiency within their teams. With its advantages in terms of flexibility, internal collaboration and cost reduction, corpoworking offers an attractive alternative to traditional offices and can help to stimulate the growth and success of companies that adopt it.

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