Coworking and open spaces

Open space offices are designed to enable more employee communication, exchange of ideas, and create a certain corporate spirit. Modern well-functioning coworking spaces are now used by companies to create their open space, without having to design and furnish their own workstations and workspaces.

It reduces the initial investment necessary to create a nice working environment, and when the sector allows it, companies achieve their targets and boost their results with the help of locally established co-workers, ready to exchange ideas and bring a fresh external view of their business.

Sometimes, Business center environments can feel incredibly challenging for shy persons. But as their coworking workstation is surrounded by many other co-workers ready for a friendly chat, it usually helps.  Of course, calmer areas are usually also available and special workspaces are available for calls, as too much noise and jumble can seem overwhelming when you must concentrate on your work.

At Color Business Center in Bertrange and Strassen, we´re happy to offer flexible office solution to many companies and entrepreneurs.

Coworking from Eur 195, all inclusive:

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