The new generations expect flexible workstations that combine business center with teleworking

Due to the influence of Covid on our working life, existing new ways of working has been impacted. The demand for “social” coworking space and workstations, open space offices, collaborative areas has been severely slowed down for evident sanitary reasons.

It is true to state that collaborative business centres stimulate the working efforts of co-workers, and coworking spaces are making effort to adjust their office buildings and environments to the new employees’ freelancing work and lifestyles.

The local labor market is now increasingly demanding traditional coworking and workstations or office in luxembourg, offering mobility and flexibility, but in the frame of the new rules.

At Color Business Center in Bertrange and Strassen, we´re happy to offer flexible office solution to many companies and entrepreneurs.

Coworking from Eur 195, all inclusive.

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