Post corona coworking space: your workstation will never turn the same again

In Luxembourg, Covid crisis accelerates the new office space trend, from permanent physical workstation to flexible coworking space, encouraging employees to work remotely or from home.

Lately, the concept of remote work has assumed new tendencies, redefining how flexible our workplace can be. Major companies are proposing coworking solutions at the border or are analysing cross-border tax challenges to encourage teleworking or working from a business center in good conditions.

Employers acknowledge now that office as a permanent workstation inside the company walls is no longer the only way to be efficient. Coworking, temporary workstations, are becoming more and more appealing for trendy companies. 

At Color Business Center in Bertrange and Strassen, we´re following those new developments, offering flexible office solution to many companies and entrepreneurs.

Coworking from Eur 195, all inclusive.

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