Your business center in Bertrange rather than in Luxembourg-city : an interesting move

Usually, when we think about having an office in Luxembourg, we mean in the eponym city of Luxembourg, a world-known place for so many reasons. However, other cities are offering offices in Luxembourg with its lots of advantages, like easier parking and great connectivity.

Bertrange, a dynamic and growing place

At less than 10 minutes by car, the city is occupying a strategic place next to Luxembourg city. Indeed, Bertrange embodies the definition of a dynamic city : numerous companies settle in every year and create a very strong economic network and in addition all the services we can ask for.  Shopping center and malls, novative and lively business center such as the Color Business Center, many gas pumps and car parks that fluidifies the circulation, a train station and an efficient bus network and well-served stops. Bertrange is consequently an effervescent place conducive to work and economic development.

The advantages of a city on a human scale

Although all prices are the same in Luxembourg, being outside the capital allows you to offer services that are cheaper than in Luxembourg city. This is the case, for example, of the Color Business Center, which offers workstationsopen spacescoworking spaces and dedicated offices at the cheapest prices on this central market. This would not have been possible anywhere else but in Bertrange. The business center offers, in addition, a dedicated car park. The fact is that in Luxembourg city, which is overcrowded, it is nearly impossible to park…which is possible in Bertrange and most of the time for free. It is a real advantage to avoid traffic jams, allowing you to arrive at work on time, facilitate access to your office for your clients, etc…

Proximity to the capital: a key element in development

Being located next to Luxembourg city is obviously an important fact that makes Bertrange a strategic place. Indeed, we all know that the capital is the nerve center of a country. This is why Bertrange is an interesting city: it has the advantages of being outside the capital, but it also benefits from the advantages of being close to it. Proximity to multi-national groups, opening onto the rest of Europe with the international railway station, proximity to decision-making centers, etc. settling in Bertrange means being able to benefit from numerous advantages while maintaining a certain proximity to the capital city

To wrap it up, Bertrange is undeniably a dynamic city conducive to work, economic activity and business life. Choosing Bertrange is a strategic move for any company setting up in Luxembourg. This is the case of the Color Business Center, which has understood this and offers workstations and competitive coworking to companies that wish to be in Luxembourg without being in Luxembourg city.

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