Green and sustainable business centers : the new trend

Nowadays, more and more companies are trying to integrate sustainable development within their way of work. Put a green attitude in the heart of the activity is the new struggle of the 21st century, but why should business centers make their offices greener ?

Flowers and plants : the key to a healthy environment

It is well-known by everyone; plants and flowers bring fresh air by absorbing carbon dioxide and rejecting oxygen. Plants are the valuable way to clear the indoor air and the benefits are real and effective. Indeed, the result is better indoor air quality and a reduction in feelings of fatigue and headaches. The consumption of air conditioning can be reduced by a third in an a shared-office or in an open space. In addition, a green area is relaxing, pleasant and beautiful, making work spaces more welcoming. Offices and open spaces therefore have every reason to install plants in their premises.

Green power : a powerful tool to improve the working conditions

Studies report that a green environment makes an atmosphere propitious to work in offices and work spaces by regulating blood pression. Moreover, a green environment creates a sense of well-being, comfort at work and relaxation. Employees are less stressed and let their creativity express itself more easily. Finally, a green work environment would reduce absenteeism by 10%.

Little by little, ecology is becoming an important element in the management of teams and in the organization of workspaces. Flowers, plants, green walls, vegetable gardens and even lawn on the floor, business centers are competing for new and distinctive ideas to boost and stimulate their employees but also to build an eco-friendly image.

The reasons for this growing trend

It is a brand-new trend that appeared a short time ago but which is developing a lot today with this awareness that the world has taken on and that is being followed by companies. 

Indeed, a healthy environment and a positive impact on workers are the two main reasons that more and more business centers are making their offices greener and follow the trend of sustainable development. The reasons of these changes are simple: companies have understood that providers and customers have different convictions. The characteristics of the product sold are important on the market but the image and values of the brand is getting more and more important as well. This trend is more and more adopted in western countries, especially in Europe and in Luxembourg where companies have understood that environment is becoming an important part in the working life.

To wrap it up, we can say that having green work spaces is now a way to improve worker productivity, to create a healthier place and is obviously a powerful marketing tool for a company. On the other hand, it is also an interesting way for a business centers to create a pleasant environment in line with tenants’ expectations and a way to change the way people work in an open space.

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