What is “corpoworking”?

Teleworking has forced companies to re-evaluate how they use their offices. “Corpoworking” is one option that could help make the space lucrative.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have implemented innovative forms of work, including telecommuting and mobile work. Corpoworking is one alternative to a fixed office for every employee.

Shared offices for internal and external workers are important, but maximizing underutilized space is even more crucial. Incorporate coworkers into your company’s headquarters structure?

Definition of corpoworking

It is based on the combination of corporate and coworking, which refers to a shared workspace at a company’s headquarters.

In practical terms, it is the access of a company’s employees to a shared office space on the company’s premises. Flex office allows employees to choose where they work, each sharing a single open office.

Corpoworking, on the other hand, distinguishes itself by making these spaces available to the company’s non-employees. Customers, suppliers, or even a new and growing industry can all be welcomed into a company’s ecosystem. Another company looking to relocate or staff on the move can also use these shared spaces.

What are the benefits for employees and the company?

First and foremost, it is a source of new revenue for companies. It is possible to recover some of the previously unused square meters by renting out these shared spaces and earning income from them.

This practice could become more and more common with the generalization of telecommuting. However, the company still loses money on the vacant office space.

Nevertheless, it remains difficult to break away from these assumptions. Corpoworking seems to be a financially viable option for companies for these reasons.

However, these spaces are also open to the company’s staff. Because it is a place where people can work together. It is possible for workers from the same organization to collaborate on new ideas and thus get out of their daily routine. There is an openness and willingness to try new things in this type of community mentality.

Exchanges between internal and external staff can also take place. Workers who have been confined to their desks due to the Covid-19 pandemic may find this arrangement encouraging interaction and knowledge sharing, which can be inspiring and rekindle the desire to return to the office.

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