How to choose your coworking space in Luxembourg

Many freelancers prefer coworking spaces because they want to avoid feeling isolated while still being able to focus on their work. Find tips on how to find the right coworking space here.

The ability to work from home is a huge benefit of being a freelancer. In some cases, setting up a home office is not the best solution. In recent years, the number and variety of coworking spaces has grown considerably.

Choosing a coworking space can be a difficult task

Consider what you need

Before you sign up for the first coworking space you come across, consider your needs first.

This is because not all coworking spaces have the same commitments. Some companies offer contracts that can be as short as a day or as long as an hour, while others need a commitment of several months.

Consider the solutions

Once you’ve determined your business needs, it’s easier to compare coworking space offerings.

Be sure to ask about the coworking space’s internet connection. While these spaces are often very well equipped, anything can happen.

One last thing to consider: hours of operation and ease of access

While we don’t recommend working at night, you need to be able to move around freely. You must meet this requirement to maintain your independence as an independent contractor.

It may seem obvious at this point, but it’s important to look at the whole area before you set up anything.

Take note of the energy of the coworking space

In a shared office, it’s not just about a group of freelancers working together. Instead, it should also be a welcoming and energetic setting. It has become clear to many places that networking and synergies are important factors for independent professionals as well. Fighting loneliness is important, but so is finding new consumers and business partners.

Check the space’s Facebook page to see if it is active or not.

Choose a theme

Finally, take the time to consider your options based on your industry. There are several “generalist” coworking spaces. However, communications and new media startups and freelancers are more likely to frequent them.

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