Coworking at home for the freelancers

Many independent workers want to be able to work as a freelancer. It is synonymous with freedom and offers total freedom. If you are looking for a way to start your own business, this is the formula for you! Take a closer look at the main options regarding the work spaces they have available to you.

Working from home is an option

The majority of independent workers start their work from home. When you work from the comfort of your own home, you save on the cost of renting a workspace. At first, this is a cost you’d rather avoid.

Working from home has many other benefits, such as the convenience of not having to take public transportation during rush hour, the ability to balance work and family life, and the ability to choose your own hours.

The three-foot gap between your bedroom and your office can be a challenge for some people! Working from home has two major drawbacks: little to no interaction with co-workers and a difficult work environment to establish.

Coworking is the solution

These difficulties prompted the first coworking spaces to emerge. The goal is to alleviate the isolation that freelancers feel because of their work as independent contractors.

Enjoying a real workspace, sharing services (printing, wifi, electricity…etc), meeting other freelancers are only some of the advantages of coworking for them. The cost of renting a traditional office is prohibitive for them.

In the minds of many, coworking represents an improvement over traditional workplaces. Therefore, this approach to coworking emphasizes the sharing of resources, such as office space and equipment, above all other considerations.

Instead of focusing on the coworking space, the other approach emphasizes the importance of community.

Working in an interactive community

There are several benefits to a coworker joining a coworking community, including a shared workspace and a coworking community.

Sharing and connecting is considerably more advanced in this community-based approach to coworking, allowing for the discovery of other coworkers with varied life paths and the enrichment of those encounters.

A unique methodology and variety of activities are used by the Color Business Center team to help coworkers build relationships on a regular basis. This way, people can get to know each other before they start working together. Trusting relationships allow them to openly and freely exchange ideas, so they can go further and faster with each other!

Eventually, progress is faster, partnerships are more diverse, and coworkers share an interest in a common hobby… This idea of coworking, in which coworkers don’t just work next to each other, but also collaborate with each other, is a huge benefit.

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